The return of healthy eating and exercise

Hi friends!

I’m really putting effort towards getting more than one blog post out a month, so I thought today would be a good day to revisit an important theme for the blog. Health!

If any of you follow me on my previous blog(s) you know that I used to write about weight loss. Did you know its super tough to have a weight loss blog when you don’t lose any weight? Shocking, I know. While my goal for this blog is to be more rounded to include many different aspects of my life, healthy living is one of my main focuses.

Now that school is over, I really have no ‘excuse’ not to be working out or cooking more. I really let health slide by the wayside over the last two year. I thought for sure my pending nuptials would motivate me to lose weight and get healthy, but that never happened. I did try a few different programs, but I never really felt dedicated to them. I wasn’t managing my depression which caused a host of other issues to crop up. I was absolutely certain a trip to FitBloggin would re-spark my drive. And it did! For about a day…

Some of the intimate group sessions really reaffirmed the fact that I’m not the only person who struggles with healthy eating or getting enough exercise. All I need to do is reach out to my community and commit to making my life the best it can be.

Bottom line is I still have high blood pressure, I’m still carrying a lot of extra weight, and I’m still not happy with my journey. My pledge is…



The fiance has been on a work trip for almost two weeks now which means I have been eating a whole lot of cheese and crackers (and Tositos cheese dip – seriously, I should buy stock they make so much money off me!) So it comes as no surprise that I have managed to add another 10 pounds this year so far. This fucking sucks. Brutal honesty here people. I am getting really close to my heaviest weight ever and that was not something I wanted to ever have to say.

Yesterday I spent a part of the afternoon grocery shopping and doing some food prep.


Don’t mind the loofah!

Since the fiance comes home this week, I am focusing on quick, healthy, simple meals. Breakfast will consist of scrambled eggs, mashed avocado, and salsa in a flat out wrap (these thing are the bomb). It didn’t keep me as full as I thought it would, but luckily my work provides fresh fruit for its employees. I was able to snag a banana to go along with my oatmeal and pb.


What could be more visually appealing than oatmeal?

Lunch consisted of poached chicken, mashed avocado, and lettuce in another flat out wrap ( #obsessed). Carrots and hummus. Broccoli and a little light ranch. A nectarine.


As far as movement goes, I’m still loving Zumba. I can walk to a studio on Saturday mornings for class and soon I’ll be taking classes at the Y. I’m also staring a hip hop class this week and am ready to bust out my sweet dance moves!


Until next time…



FitBloggin’ 16 Recap

Hi friends!

I am finally getting around to putting my thoughts about this year’s FitBloggin’ conference into a post. This was my second conference (my first was Savannah in 2014). Like many others have shared, I wasn’t super pumped about Indianapolis, but then again I didn’t know about the city or the state to begin with. I am not a person who attends the conference for the location. I go for the people. If the city has cool sites, that’s just another perk of the deal.

Photo Jul 24, 11 22 51 AM

I left Wichita at the ass crack of dawn. As I try to always fly Delta, my connecter was in Atlanta both to and from Indy. After looking over the schedule, I was pretty psyched about the Lifetime Fitness excursion before the opening of the conference. The bus departed the hotel before my flight landed, but luckily Angela (from We Beat Fat) was also headed over late.

Photo Jul 23, 10 26 00 AM

We checked into our rooms and hopped (a very chatty) Uber over to the Lifetime Fitness location. Now, I will be the first to admit that I don’t always thoroughly read through emails. Much to my dismay I misunderstood what the Lifetime outing entailed. Arriving around half an hour late, Angela and I missed the tour,but made it just in time for the class sessions. I thought we were going to choose one of three options to try: spin, T.R.X., and yin yoga.

I feel like I should insert a disclaimer here stating that it has legit been months since I’ve had a steady workout routine or did anything that could be deemed as ‘exercise’, so I was somewhat unprepared for this outing. 

Spin was awful. It felt like someone dropped kicked me in the vajayjay and it took me at least 24 hour to recover. The instructor was awesome though. She had incredible spunk and fire which really kept us pumped during class. The T.R.X. class was sort of like a weights/cardio class (reminds me a lot of muscle pump type classes) and was decent. I loved how easy it was to scale the workout to my level.Yoga was by far my favorite. We did a restorative style called yin yoga. The teacher was fantastic and it really brought the whole experience to a well rounded end.

I failed to snap a pic of the awesome food spread Lifetime provided from their cafe, but it was super tasty. They had croissant sandwiches, fruit cups, and delicious dips. It was the perfect cap to a sweaty workout. This also gave us a chance to sit down, chat, and learn about each other. They even gave us loaded swag bags. This was unexpected, yet awesome. They included a nice metal waterbottle, a fitness tracker, and a sturdy workout draw string bag.

Photo Jul 21, 5 44 02 PM

After cleaning up back at the hotel, people meandered over to Scotty’s Brewhouse. If you don’t already know, my fiance and I love craft beer, so I was excited to visit a local establishment for the opening mixer. Unfortunately, it certainly did not blow us away. We were gathered in a room set off from the main dining area, but the layout wasn’t conducive to mingling. One wall had booths and the center had high top bar tables. I snagged a booth with Jill and Danielle. I promise you I was not as thrilled as this picture makes me out to be. We all ordered dinner and some local beers, but didn’t hang out too long. We had a short speech from a manager at Scotty’s and that was that. We were back at the hotel by  8:30pm. Of course I said I was going to bed, but those are famous last words. I stayed up a little too late chatting with some of the other attendees.

Considering I was running on 4 hours of sleep, I skipped breakfast on Friday. A lot of other attendees have covered this, but long story short: there was no bacon. I have to eat some form of protein in the morning, so when I heard all the was served was a yogurt bar, I was 100% okay with my decision to sleep in. I do admit I wish I would have heard the keynote speaker, but I would have thought that would be been a topic for an afternoon or evening session.

Since I slept in till almost noon, my first meal of the day was fish and chips from Loughmiller’s Pub.

Photo Jul 22, 11 39 20 AM

If there was one thing Indy didn’t lack, it was good food. Holy smokes was this fish good. I can’t even begin to explain how perfectly crunchy and season it was.

After lunch I did attend some sessions, but I feel like each of those need their own posts (I promise I will right them, seriously). Before day 1 wrapped up, there was an expo featuring many of the conference sponsors.

Photo Jul 24, 8 29 02 PM

An entire suitcase of swag from our awesome sponsors!

The most exciting thing for me? Wine! Zephyr runs many other conferences, most to do with wine or craft beer, so they were able to feature one of their partners products at the expo. Second thing you should know is that I love wine. Like, really love wine. Certified wino here.So when I finally got to try the wine, I was surprised to taste something more like Boone’s Farm than a dry cabernet. Definitely wasn’t up my alley. ( This is what I’m currently drinking).

The expo gave me a chance to reconnect with a number of people who actually attended in Savannah, but I didn’t get a chance to meet. I am so glad I was able to make so many new connections and memories!


Photo Credit: Angela from We Beat Fat

Friday night a group of us went to a latin/asian fusion restaurant called Nada. Everyone was a bit hesitant after seeing the menu, but we pleasantly surprised! Martinus and I both had the Korean Fried Chicken and truffled potatoes. Absolutely mind blowing!

Photo Jul 22, 5 31 46 PM

Like I said before, the restaurants and all around atmosphere of Indy was phenomenal. I, again, wrapped up my evening at the hotel bar catching up with some fellow attendees (I told you I came for the people!!).

Saturday was all about the sessions for me. While I skipped breakfast again, I attended sessions all day. I was most excited for Angela and David‘s session because they are small group, personal discussion. I reap much more from personal weight loss experiences than I do from professionals who talk about weight loss though they have never had to lose a major amount of weight.

One of the two best moments from Saturday? ZUMBA baby!

Photo Jul 23, 11 17 46 AM

Margo and Nellie were the only zumba teachers in attendance this year and they killed it! Margo has me officially obsessed with this Meghan Trainor song.

Photo Jul 23, 12 16 51 PM

Duck confit hash at Cafe Patachou

I only attended one afternoon session so I could get ready for dinner. My fiance had visited Indy the previous year and there were two restaurants that he said I had to go to. Harry and Izzy’s and Shula’s (which for some reason I kept calling Ditkas).

Photo Jul 23, 4 56 02 PM

Oh. My. Good. GRAVY. He did not lie. While Harry and Izzys was too busy to get a reservation, Shula’s was able to accommodate our group. I loved being able to connect with others on such an intimate level. Everyone was very open and candid and that was what made this conference so fantastic.


Shulas Group Photo Jul 23, 7 11 54 PM

Martinus and I shared a Lyft early Sunday morning back to the airport. While we didn’t get our mimosas (I got one inside at Harry and Izzys), we did have another great meal at Cafe Patachou.

Photo Jul 24, 8 12 16 AM

All around I would say this conference was worth it.There were quite a few times I doubted my choice (this was expensive y’all!). But I wouldn’t trade it for all the new friends I made. Much has been said about Zephyr’s handling of the conference. I believe they did the best they could with what they had. A lot of alumni didn’t give the conference a chance because of location and administrative changes. But Zephyr also needs to understand what the conference has been and the expectations we hold. It is going to take compromise on both our parts to keep this alive. Here’s hoping they announce next year’s location soon.

Until next time…


Welcome Back

Hi friends! Can you believe it’s been two years since my last post? Two years ago I had just left my first Fit Bloggin’ conference and I was flying high; determined to meet all my goals and punch life in the face. I even wrote two whole posts for my shiny new blog. But then life happened. Many of my friends were moving away from blogging to focus on other aspects of their lives: family, kids, careers.

So, like I often do, I fell away from blogging and from social media in general. Two years ago I was still in the throes of a new job (with a promotion) and I was starting school for the second time. Life was super crazy! I had no idea what was in store for me.

Photo Sep 16, 4 23 59 PM

I got engaged! My now fiance proposed on our 8th anniversary. We are getting married in six weeks!

Photo May 22, 6 21 48 PM

We bought a house! We celebrated one year in May.

Photo May 04, 9 54 06 PM

I started meditating and expanding my yoga practice!

Photo Jul 31, 10 34 41 AM

We got a dog! You will definitely be seeing a lot of Ms. Sophie on the blog.

Photo Jan 24, 8 13 24 AM

I graduated! Four short weeks ago I graduated my masters degree in logistics and supply chain management.

So many big life changes have happened and I’m so grateful. But now things are starting to slow down and I have more free time to pursue hobbies again (hence the blogging). Now I don’t expect this to look the same as it did last time. Circumstances will never be able to recreate the exact same atmosphere. And I’m glad. I certainly have grown in the last two years and I’m not the same person. I’m 100% ok with that.

What I hope for this space to become in a place for me to share my interests with my friends and family (and other people too)! I have met some of my best friends through blogging and social media. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. And I’m very glad you are here to share it with me. Stay tuned for lots of Fit Bloggin’ 16 recaps, new book bites, and fitness (mis)adventures. Cheers!

Photo Jul 31, 7 02 17 PM

Until then…


Tough Love: #TribeLove

Hi friends!

If you didn’t know, just a few days ago I flew home from my first ever FitBloggin conference. This was the fifth consecutive year of the conference and I was beyond excited to attend! I’ll share more about the conference and my experience in another post. Right now I want to focus on one session in particular. The one session I absolutely did not want to miss was the Tough Love session presented by Steve from Steve Is Getting Fit and Sue from Mrs. Fatass.


See I’ve been on this journey for a while – a long while. And after a while, I started to give up. I started to let myself have just one more  glass of wine, just one more bite of dinner, just one more day off from the gym. This is a letter to myself: calling me out on all bullshit I’ve been telling myself over the last year.

Dearest Sam:

I know. Really I do. Your life is busy. You have a great new job, things are going well at home, you’re getting ready to start graduate school. Things are on the up and up. But you know what you’re missing? Yourself. That’s right yourself.

No matter how much you tell yourself you’re perfectly comfortable in your skin, we both know it isn’t true. That’s not to say you can’t rock that cute black and white dress you just bought, or look fierce in those cork wedges. You’ll be a goddess no matter what.

Yet there’s this lingering fear in the back of your head. Fear that you’re killing yourself and not willing to do anything about it. You’ve all but given up. You have so much knowledge in your head!! You have EXPERIENCE for cryin out loud. Seriously, you’ve done this before. But you can’t recreate the same magic again. It has to be all new. So here are a few things I need you to stop doing:

Stop pretending like you are too tired at the end of the day to go to the gym. I give you full permission to go straight home if you work 14+ hours. Fall in love with movement again. Stop pretending like you don’t have time to make a decent fucking meal. From freezer to table, at the most takes 60 minutes. Fall in love with fresh, healthy food again. Put in the effort and give yourself a fighting chance.

Fall in love with the lifestyle. We both know you feel amazing when you put effort towards your health. Stop focusing on the end all. Find joy in the journey. Release all expectations. Believe in the what you can when you can. You can do it. I believe in you.


Expectations and Why I am Giving Them Up

Hi friends!

I’m back at it again. I don’t know how many of you are new friends and how many are old, but you may remember me from my days at Never Say Never Blog. While I’m still, in theory, never saying never I knew the time had come to start fresh. When I shut down my last blog, the reasoning I gave was money troubles and that’s true. We were in fairly dire straights. Luckily the BF was finally able to get a job, I also got a new job, and life started to turn on the up and up.

But what I didn’t share were the less savory reasons. I shutdown NSN because I wasn’t loosing weight, because the writing was difficult, and because I felt like I was failing at blogging. The pressure (self imposed of course) of having the funniest posts, or the best tips, or the prettiest layout became too much. I didn’t feel like NSN was serving its purpose any longer.

Expectations are a funny thing. I believe we’re taught at a young age to expect results from all sorts of outcomes. If A happens, than B will follow. Not the case, I’m afraid.

Because we set expectations, we run the risk of heartache and pain. I don’t mean to say all expectations are bad. But I feel we must learn not to tie our emotions so strongly to them. I struggled in my weight loss for a long time because I tied my self too closely to the expectations of what I was doing. Oh, tracked all my food and got to the gym 4 times this week, why haven’t I lost the 2 pounds I was supposed to?

So I’m back to writing. I’ve missed the release and the interaction. But this time I’m letting go of all the expectations. It is what it is. A place for me to share little bits of my days with friends new and old. Come back to see what I’m letting go of expectations in my weight loss journey and why I’m so looking forward to it.

Until then…