Tough Love: #TribeLove

Hi friends!

If you didn’t know, just a few days ago I flew home from my first ever FitBloggin conference. This was the fifth consecutive year of the conference and I was beyond excited to attend! I’ll share more about the conference and my experience in another post. Right now I want to focus on one session in particular. The one session I absolutely did not want to miss was the Tough Love session presented by Steve from Steve Is Getting Fit and Sue from Mrs. Fatass.


See I’ve been on this journey for a while – a long while. And after a while, I started to give up. I started to let myself have just one more  glass of wine, just one more bite of dinner, just one more day off from the gym. This is a letter to myself: calling me out on all bullshit I’ve been telling myself over the last year.

Dearest Sam:

I know. Really I do. Your life is busy. You have a great new job, things are going well at home, you’re getting ready to start graduate school. Things are on the up and up. But you know what you’re missing? Yourself. That’s right yourself.

No matter how much you tell yourself you’re perfectly comfortable in your skin, we both know it isn’t true. That’s not to say you can’t rock that cute black and white dress you just bought, or look fierce in those cork wedges. You’ll be a goddess no matter what.

Yet there’s this lingering fear in the back of your head. Fear that you’re killing yourself and not willing to do anything about it. You’ve all but given up. You have so much knowledge in your head!! You have EXPERIENCE for cryin out loud. Seriously, you’ve done this before. But you can’t recreate the same magic again. It has to be all new. So here are a few things I need you to stop doing:

Stop pretending like you are too tired at the end of the day to go to the gym. I give you full permission to go straight home if you work 14+ hours. Fall in love with movement again. Stop pretending like you don’t have time to make a decent fucking meal. From freezer to table, at the most takes 60 minutes. Fall in love with fresh, healthy food again. Put in the effort and give yourself a fighting chance.

Fall in love with the lifestyle. We both know you feel amazing when you put effort towards your health. Stop focusing on the end all. Find joy in the journey. Release all expectations. Believe in the what you can when you can. You can do it. I believe in you.