Expectations and Why I am Giving Them Up

Hi friends!

I’m back at it again. I don’t know how many of you are new friends and how many are old, but you may remember me from my days at Never Say Never Blog. While I’m still, in theory, never saying never I knew the time had come to start fresh. When I shut down my last blog, the reasoning I gave was money troubles and that’s true. We were in fairly dire straights. Luckily the BF was finally able to get a job, I also got a new job, and life started to turn on the up and up.

But what I didn’t share were the less savory reasons. I shutdown NSN because I wasn’t loosing weight, because the writing was difficult, and because I felt like I was failing at blogging. The pressure (self imposed of course) of having the funniest posts, or the best tips, or the prettiest layout became too much. I didn’t feel like NSN was serving its purpose any longer.

Expectations are a funny thing. I believe we’re taught at a young age to expect results from all sorts of outcomes. If A happens, than B will follow. Not the case, I’m afraid.

Because we set expectations, we run the risk of heartache and pain. I don’t mean to say all expectations are bad. But I feel we must learn not to tie our emotions so strongly to them. I struggled in my weight loss for a long time because I tied my self too closely to the expectations of what I was doing. Oh, tracked all my food and got to the gym 4 times this week, why haven’t I lost the 2 pounds I was supposed to?

So I’m back to writing. I’ve missed the release and the interaction. But this time I’m letting go of all the expectations. It is what it is. A place for me to share little bits of my days with friends new and old. Come back to see what I’m letting go of expectations in my weight loss journey and why I’m so looking forward to it.

Until then…




  1. I’m your first comment!! I’m glad you are writing and I hope it is fun for you this time around. 🙂

    1. Hey you too! I had an amazing time in your zumba class. It was great we got a chance to sit down and chat before we had to say good bye!

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